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Tarin Rock Nature Reserve
OLIVER RD (South of Dumbleyung-Lake Grace Rd)

Space for caravan turn around and parking
HILLS RD (North of Dumbleyung-Lake Grace Rd)
Road verge parking


Tarin & North Tarin Rock BioBlitz 2016

The Tarin Rock Bioblitz survey area was based about 25km west of Lake Grace located right on the boundary of the Avon River and Blackwood River Catchments and are within the Shires of Lake Grace and Dumbleyung. This area forms part of the globally significant Southwest Australia Ecoregion (SAE). The area is classified as a biodiversity hotspot due to its rich diversity of species which are under considerable threat. Clearing for agriculture has affected a high proportion of the region’s vegetation, making it one of 25 biologically rich areas around the world that have lost at least 70% of their original habitat. Weeds, fire, feral animals (both herbivores and carnivores) and land clearing pose ongoing threats to the remaining vegetation and associated fauna in the region and the wider wheatbelt of the south west corner of Western Australia. Tarin Rock area has a number of significant patches of remnant vegetation and includes the Tarin Rock and North Tarin Rock Nature Reserves as well as Reserve # 38379 these reserves totalled an area of 4,000ha that were partially surveyed during the BioBlitz. The main vegetation types in the reserves included: woodlands, mallees, tall shrublands, heathlands and breakaway associations. A number of sites were selected for the survey based on these vegetation communities. Team leaders who specialise in various environmental fields then led small groups in activities to collect information on the plants and animals found in the area.


Lakeview Golf Club
East off  Katanning Dumbleyung Rd

Space for caravan turn around and parking

Close to the Dumbleyung Town Site, you can explore the wildflowers around the Lakeview Golf Course.

As you journey though the shire keep your eyes open for wildflowers that can be spotted on roadsides and reserves.

Bicentennial Park
North off Bartram Rd

Space for vehicle and caravan parking road side

Close to the Dumbleyung Town Site, you can explore the wildflowers south of the railway line best accesed from Bartram Rd

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Book available at the Dumbleyung CRC, Cambinata Yabbies & Lake Grace Visitor Centre

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